Starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice, Onboard@Penn will be operating offsite



or (215) 898-7372


Update as of March 27, 2020 — In accordance with Penn’s temporary limited campus operations due to COVID-19, the Onboard@Penn location on campus has suspended onsite operations until further notice. Onboard@Penn staff will continue their operations remotely.

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In order to satisfy this requirement you will need to complete part 2 of your I-9 virtually via Secure Share. Your work authorization documents should be sent to Joe Marmo via Secure Share. To access Secure Share, you will need to login with your Pennkey and password.

Here is a link to the Form I-9 Acceptable Documents so you know what to send http://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents/list-documents/form-i-9-acceptable-documents.

Important note: The virtual option is only a temporary solution for new hires completing their I-9s. New hires will still be expected to visit Onboard@Penn with their original, unexpired documentation within three (3) business days of resuming onsite operations on Penn’s Campus to verify these physical documents in person.

For more information on this, please view this announcement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Please also make sure to log into Workday with your Pennkey and password in order to complete all of the onboarding tasks in your Workday inbox.

* Please note that if you have not completed all of your onboarding tasks including:

  • I-9 (parts 1 and 2)
  • 利用Python打造免费、高可用、高匿名的IP代理池 - 知乎:2021-10-7 · 4.代理可用性及匿名程度校验 代理IP的验证,我这里分为数据库中已存IP的验证和新爬取的IP的验证。对于新爬取的代理IP验证,主要验证其可用性,是否支持HTTPS、匿名程度、是否可以翻出去。数据库中的代理IP直接验证可用性即可。可用性验证

your direct deposit information will not be processed, and you will receive a paper paycheck until all are completed.



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